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08 February 2021
Formentera nightlife

Formentera Nightlife: the best guide 2024

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Formentera has always had a great nightlife that has made it world famous. Its beautiful and secluded beaches are not the only great things it has to enchant you. Formentera nightlife is full of options and styles that prove that you don’t need to be young to have fun.


What I think as a Ibicenco

Myself, I was born and raised in Ibiza, and Formentera has never envied Ibiza for the nightlife, I would even say that they are making sure it doesn’t catch up to Ibiza in that sense. So you can´t compare the 2 islands.

It´s a 35 min ferry from one to the other island and the local from Formentera have a special discount that they can hop on the ferry for like 2-3€ , like any bus really.

Us from Ibiza do get a discount but it´s still about 20€. So i know people from the Formentera that just go party to ibiza and get the early ferry back home.

Don´t get me wrong it´s still good but it´s more like a kinda off lets say small town vibe party which i do like.

Let´s face it, us from ibiza go to Formentera as it´s the closest to a Holiday we get in the busy working summer life.

Think there are no tall buildings, 4 floors max, loads of bicycles, meharies, rental scooters , so great to relax also.

My personal favorite Formentera Party? Flower Power in Sant Francesc , around mid june, a authentic dress up hippie love party in the town square center, once a year Good memories.



flower power formentera


Map of Formentera

This high heel weird shape island has a lot to offer apart from the party, so don´t just do 1 thing , check out its beautiful walking routes, cycling routes , go to la Mola and  feel that old Ibiza 70´s vibe.

map of formentera

Fun fact, did you know that Formentera has the most dense charging stations for electric vehicles per person in the world, and per local cars? nearly 30 stations for only 12.000 people that live all year. article here


Discover Formentera through the night

Did you know that only 20% of the Formentera population is under 25 years old? But, did you know that everybody on the island enjoys partying?

Formentera is the smallest of the Balearic Islands with 9 km of beautiful coastline. It will only take you 30 minutes on a ferry to get there from Ibiza. It has breathtaking views, perfect weather and clothing optional beaches that make it worth the visit.

Located at the South of Ibiza, this small island awaits you with wide open beaches and restaurants and hotels that offer great service. It is a fact that 31% of the populations of Formentera are foreigners, so having tourists on the island is a permanent thing.

Formentera has wonderful weather all year long that gives you the awesome opportunity to watch the stars in the beautiful clear sky while drinking one of the wines produced on the Balearics next to the person or people you care the most.

Formentera nightlife: What is it like?

As we let you know in the previous section, the Formentera population knows how to have a great time, no matter their age, no matter the time. There are music festivals, and many nightclubs open until late at night.

Tourists love not only swimming on the incredibly beautiful beaches on the island, but also enjoying a wonderful night out dancing and drinking at a different pace than in big cities. Formentera Style!

People come and go on their rental cars or scooters or motorbikes as soon as they land at La Savina Port. Looking for a unique Formentera nightlife experience, they visit the 85 km2- island knowing they won’t be disappointed.

Formentera nightlife

If you are looking for a great fun night without the craziness, loudness or crowdedness of other touristic places, then Formentera nightlife is the right entertainment for you.

Formentera is not only the smallest of the Pityusic Islands but it is also the best preserved, and it is as beautiful as its closest sister: Ibiza. Formentera nightlife is as fun as you decide it could be. So, Party on!

For many tourists an amazing fun night in Formentera nightlife begins with those early drinks at the  chiringuitos they take while they are still enjoying the beach.  These small huts that you find along the beaches remain open even during winter as well.

Clubs in Formentera. We help you find the best

Here we are going to give you a list of the best clubs in Formentera so you get to experience and decide on your own which one is the best. Imagine that Formentera nightlife is like a small spider web, with interconnected streets where the clubs and bars are in Es Pujols.

At the moment of writing this information which is January 2021 some of the great discotheques and clubs are temporarily closed due to the pandemic restrictions but as you know, more sooner than later you will be able to come back to your favourite clubs, which we will detail now.

Tipic Club. The club where Pink Floyd set part of their film

This place has been part of Formentera nightlife for almost 50 years now. They have been giving people great nights of all kinds of music. You may enjoy a reggaeton show one night and a rock one the next one. You can find them in Es Pujols, Av. Miramar #164,07871 with a 4-star rank.

Pachanka discotheque. The place whose name means party

This one is also located in Es Pujols, the fishing village during the day and the party headquarters at night. Pachanka is one of the most popular places in Formentera nightlife because of the variety of drinks, cocktails and music you can enjoy in it.

Formentera nightlife

Pineta Disco Club. The place where each night has a different music theme.

It is very elegant and comfortable. With huge glass walls that give the impression you are in a big open place. Its design allows colors, sensations, and scents to play an important role in the entertainment they provide. Also located in Es Pujols it is ranked with four stars.

Gecko Beach Club.  The club where glamour welcomes you.

This place is one of the best clubs you can visit to have a different night among drinks and music. You can find it in Migjorn beach. This is the kind of place where you can stay the night and have a wonderful party at the same time with exclusive services. Known also as the last paradise of the Mediterraneam, it is ranked with four stars.

Bananas & Co Formentera. The twin club from Ibiza

This club is also located in Es Pujols, which happens to be the most touristic town in Formentera, ranked with 4 stars, it is well known for pleasing its international audience. It has a VIP room where famous people attend to have their time of fun and entertainment with the also famous greatest Djs from Europe.

Boat party with Float your boat. The kind of party you won’t forget

Get ready for a unique and incredible party on board of the full equipped boats that will take you around the island so you can enjoy the sunset and party at the same time.

Where to eat. What are the best places to enjoy a meal?

Formentera gastronomic is varied and appreciated among all tourists and locals. It’s typical cuisine goes beyond seafood, paellas and rice. Formentera is a small island that mixes their richness. Here we give you some tips about where to go to have a delicious time.

10.7 Formentera Restaurant, the place where magic things happen

This beautiful restaurant, located on the sands of the Migjorn Beach, offers tourists and locals some of the best dishes on the island. It provides the opportunity to have your special events there too, such as your wedding, or birthdays parties. The food they offer is delicious and you can select from of Asian and Mediterranean food.

Chezz Gerdi. The place you will fall in love with

This restaurant is located in Punta Prima, Es Pujol, which gives you the greatest views while eating. Their specialties are made with Italian, Spanish and Formenterian ingredients. They seduce you with their food. If you are coming on your own boat they will pick you up to take you to the restaurant.

Casanita Cantina and Fish. The excellent Italian restaurant

This great restaurant is located in Es Pujols. Its outdoors is worthy of some pictures to remember your trip by. But their food is mouthwatering. Working also with seafood and Italian delicatessen. You can eat as much as you can take here and then you can go experiencing your Formentera nightlife since they are located where the best nightclubs are.

Sa Platgeta. The restaurant where locals go to eat

Not only tourists come to this restaurant to enjoy a great dish, but locals too. This restaurant offers seafood as their main dishes. Fish, Lobsters, shrimps are just some of the specialties you can combine with the white wine of your preference. The decoration of this place is beautiful because it is located on the Beach of Mitjorn.

Can Dani Formentera. The first restaurant on the island that got a Michelline star

It is not only about the delicious food but also it is about the love for details that make each dish a unique one. Every season they let their creativity come up with new delicious plates. You can find them on the 8.5 km of the road to la Mola.  A must do stop on your trip.

Can Carlitos formentera

Can Carlitos is a gastronomic proposal that seeks the balance between high-quality traditional cuisine and modern and innovative cuisine, bewteen complexity and subtlety. Under the leadership of chef Nandu Jubany, local products go from the garden to the plate with reinvented recipes, always using seasonal and locally sourced ingredients.

For our visit my favourite was the can carlito style mussels and the blue lobster paella!

Float your boat. This is your best option to safely party and eat great food at the same time

Formentera nightlife

At our Formentera Beach Cruise we have been committed to give you the best time ever on board our modern boats. Our boat party is the best decision you can take to sail around the breathtaking island, dancing with some of the best DJs of the World and also eating the greatest Paella you can ever taste made right there in front of you on board.

Our boat party is well known for being the most original and wildest on the whole archipelago. It is a Must do party among all tourists.

We take your safety seriously. That is why all of our excursions are filled to a maximum of 50% of capacity so we all have the social distance and all our contact points are regularly cleaned and sanitized.

Go to Float Your Boat  and WhatsApp us to find out more about our Formentera boat trips and our days and schedules.

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