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20 November 2018
best time to go to Ibiza

When is the best time to go to Ibiza and the best areas to stay

Many tourists wonder if a time of year is advisable to travel to Ibiza. What is the best time to go to Ibiza? Any month of the year Ibiza offers you a series of unique activities, a type of sport to practice. With the arrival of spring, in Ibiza, the temperature becomes much more pleasant and you start to reach higher temperatures. It’s time to sunbathe discreetly and enjoy the good weather. Throughout the summer is the best time to be in Ibiza, under the intense sun.

The Ibiza weather in September and October drops, but it is still a good time to be in Ibiza, Spain, summering and enjoying. From October to April, it is an interesting time to make other types of trips around Ibiza, away from the square, such as visiting museums, enjoying monuments and other places, ideal for getting to know during the winter.

If you read our post your Ibiza holidays will be fantastic because you’ll know the best places to stay in Ibiza and the weather on the island throughout all the year.

Climate and average monthly on the island

Keep reading to know month per month when is the best time to go to Ibiza:

As you can see Ibiza has a very mild climate, with temperatures in winter ranging from 8-16º. July has the longest days where the sunset is at around 9:15pm with up to 11 hours of sun and only 1 day of rain , July is also the hottest month and one of the busiest also together with August where hotels are at around 98% capacity.

climate in ibiza weather


Ibiza in January: Low season. Cold and no possibility of reaching a beach. Many bars, restaurants, and hotels are closed. 90% of the clubs are closed. It is possible to find attractive prices, but it is not a good month to visit the island. Whoever chooses this month should focus on sightseeing its capital with its historic center.

Ibiza in February: Characteristics identical to those of the month of January.

Ibiza in March: Features very similar to the months of January and February. The slight increase in temperatures. It is still too cold to reach the beach.

Ibiza in April: It is still low season. Temperatures are milder, but there is a lot of rain during the month. The beach season is still very far away. So, as I said before, the Ibiza weather in April is mild.

Ibiza in May: Continue the low season. The Ibiza weather in May becomes a transition between winter and summer. Therefore, it can record both weeks with very cold temperatures and days with pleasant temperatures above 20 degrees. As the sea temperature is still freezing, it is still not a good month to visit the island. Neither the beach season nor the ballad season has started yet.

Ibiza in June: June is when Ibiza wakes up for tourism. The beach season begins and, in the second half of the month, the big clubs also resume their activities. Temperatures are getting warmer and warmer, but the sea has not had enough time to warm up and the water is still very cold. It is a month with average seasonal prices. The large masses of tourists have not yet arrived on the island, which already registers significant movements of visitors.

best time to go to Ibiza

Ibiza in July: is high season in Ibiza, the island is in full swing! full beaches, full nightclubs, endless ballads. It’s the best time to go to Ibiza if you’re looking for beautiful, crowded beaches, without worrying about crowds and inflated prices. The Ibiza weather In July is generally very hot and dry.

Ibiza in August: August is a month very similar to July, with the advantage that the waters of the Mediterranean already have more time to warm up and the Ibiza temperature of the sea is very pleasant. The Ibiza weather in August is the best time for holidays, the best time to go to Ibiza.

Ibiza in September: September is the last month of the year for those who want to enjoy the beach and the ballad. The first half of the month is the middle season, with lots of people still on the island, lots of nightlife and good weather on the beach. In the second half of the month, things calm down little by little, temperatures start to drop very slowly, but you can still get to the beach.

Ibiza in October: October is a month very similar to May. The season of beaches and discotheques is over, and the weather is slowly changing. It is still possible to have a few days with pleasant temperatures, but also the opposite can happen, with the passage of cold fronts over the islands, bringing rain and low temperatures. It would not be a good option for beach and ballad hunters.Normally the last closing party is Hï Ibiza at around 4th October.

Ibiza in November: November is a month very similar to December, January, and February.

Ibiza in December: January twin brother, not a good month to visit the island.


Here is another chart of the average monthly temperature and rain in Ibiza

climate in ibiza


Water temperature in ibiza?

End of may is when the sea gets to about 20º, which is a nice refreshing temperature which maintains to about all the way to November, so actually the sea is warmer in November than it is in April. The warmest it gets is 25º although by the beach the temperature can be higher if the water is shallow

Where to stay in Ibiza?

Surely this is the question you are asking yourself if you have chosen this island for your holidays.

The most chosen areas to stay in Ibiza are, the city of Ibiza, Playa D’en Bossa or San Antonio.

Ibiza city

best time to go to Ibiza

If you want to stay away from the wild nightlife, but still in an area full of bars, restaurants, and restaurants, the best choice is to stay in the center of Ibiza, especially near the old town.

The area is convenient for touring the island and visiting the most beautiful coves and beaches of Ibiza during the day. You can move with public buses, but it is better to rent a vehicle, car or scooter, to be more independent and move with ease.

In an island renowned above all for its nightlife, such a fascinating historical center is a great surprise, do not miss a walk through the alleys of the old city.

Playa D’en Bossa

For those looking for the real Ibiza, with nightlife and discos, the right place to stay is Playa Den Bossa, located about 5 km from Eivissa.

The sea is not very beautiful, but there are always parties on the beach and you can dance until late at night.

The area is a succession of clubs, bars, and pubs and most of the discos are located here, in particular, Space and the Ushuaia.

To reach the other clubs such as Privilege and Amnesia there are free shuttles that leave every half hour.

Sant Antoni de Portmany

best time to go to Ibiza

San Antonio is another area full of nightclubs and entertainment, among the best known, are Il Caffé Mambo and Cafe del Mar where you will enjoy the most beautiful sunset on the island.

Many do not recommend San Antonio for the presence until late at night of young Englishmen with a strong passion for alcohol and that you will find perpetually drunk.

In reality, they are always concentrated in the same area, where the pubs are located.

The advantages of San Antonio, however, are the prices significantly lower than Playa Den Bossa and especially the proximity to the most beautiful beaches, such as Cala Tarida, Cala Comte or Cala Salada, easily reached by bus or ferry.

We hope you’ve enjoyed our post about the best time to go to Ibiza and the best areas to stay on the island.

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