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06 March 2022

When is the best time to go to Ibiza – Best areas to stay 2022

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When is the best time to go to Ibiza?

Many tourists wonder if there is a perfect moment to travel to Ibiza.

Any month of the year, Ibiza offers you a series of unique activities and different sports to practice.

The temperature in Ibiza becomes much more pleasant, aligned with the arrival of spring.

The best time to go to Ibiza is during late spring and early summer.

Temperatures rise significantly in July and August due to the intense sun.

The temperature in Ibiza during September and October drops but,

It is still a good time to visit Ibiza if you want to sunbathe and swim, as the water is still warm from all of the summer sun.

From October to April, you can travel to Ibiza and try different types of activities such as trekking.

Visiting museums and enjoying all of the local monuments and gastronomic delights.

These types of activities are better to do during winter when you can enjoy the island´s historic charm.

If you read our post, your Ibiza holidays will be fantastic because you’ll know the best places to stay in Ibiza and the climate on the island throughout the year.


Climate – Average monthly temperature on the island

Keep reading to know month per month when is the best time to go to Ibiza.

Ibiza is a spanish island in the Mediterranean Sea. It is the third largest island of the Balearic Islands.

Ibiza has a very mild climate, with winter temperatures averaging 8-16º.

The months of June and July have the longest days, when the sunset is between 9-9:45pm (21:00-21:45).

With up to 11 hours of sun and only 1 day of rain.

Furthermore, July and August are the hottest months of the year and also the most crowded months when it comes to tourism.

During these months of peak summer the island´s hotels average around 98% capacity.

Month by Month

Ibiza in January: Low season. Cold and no possibility to suntan on the beaches.

Many bars, restaurants, and hotels are closed. 90 % of the clubs are closed.

It is possible to find attractive prices, but it is not a good month to visit the island.

Whoever chooses this month should focus on sightseeing the capital, its historic centre, and the 11th century castle called Dalt Vila.


Ibiza in February: The temperature conditions are identical to those of the month of January, so the options in Ibiza are limited to: sightseeing and cultural visits.


Ibiza in March: Features very similar to the months of January and February, but there is a slight increase in temperatures.

Typically it is still too cold to go lie on the beach.


Ibiza in April: It is still a month of low season.

Temperatures are milder, but there are a lot of rainy days during this month.

The beach season is still far away. We can say that the weather during April is mild.

The IMS (International Music Summit) Festival features around the island at the end of the month of April.

Which signifies that the tourist season on the island has truly begun.


Ibiza in May: The low season continues. The Ibiza weather in May becomes a transition between winter and summer.

Therefore, there can be cold temperatures and days with pleasant temperatures above 20 degrees.

As the sea temperature is still cold, it is a month where beach goers can enjoy almost empty beaches.

In our opinion it is one of the best months to visit the island.

Prices are still lower and there is less hectic energy than the peak summer months.

Also May in Ibiza features an annual Medival Festival in Dalt Vila during the 2nd weekend of the month which we recommend highly.


Ibiza in June: June is when the tourism in Ibiza jumps to another level.

The beach season begins, and all of the islands superclubs resume their daily events.

Temperatures are getting warmer and warmer, but the water is still quite cold.

It is a month with average seasonal prices and already registers significant movement of visitors around the island.


Ibiza in July: High season in Ibiza, the island is in full swing!

Full beaches, lively nightclubs. It is the best time to go to Ibiza if you are looking for beautiful people and beaches.

This month you will not be able to avoid crowds and inflated prices.

The weather in Ibiza in July is extremely hot and dry.



Ibiza in August: August is a month very similar to July.

With the advantage that the waters of the Mediterranean Sea already have more time to warm up.

The temperature in Ibiza is hot, but still pleasant.

This is the month with the highest amount of tourism.

Some belive that August is the best time to go to Ibiza.

In our opinion that is not the case.

August is the hottest month, with the most tourists, and the highest prices!


Ibiza in September: September is the last month of the year for those who want to enjoy the beach and the full sunny days.

The first half of the month is still high season, with lots of people still on the island.

Nightlife and good weather are the main attractions for these late season tourists.

In the second half of the month, things calm down little by little and temperatures start to drop very slowly.

You can still go to the beach, enjoy the sun and the peace of the beaches.


Ibiza in October: In Ibiza, the month of October is very similar to May.

The season of beaches and clubs is almost over, and the weather is slowly changing.

It is still possible to have a few days with pleasant temperatures but,

You may find that it is just the opposite, as periodically October can feature,

The passage of cold fronts over the islands, bringing rain and low temperatures.

It would not be a good option if your idea of holiday is sunbathing during sunny days and big parties at night.


Ibiza in November: November is a month very similar to December, January, and February.

Where you can visit the cultural hotspots around the island.

Ibiza in December: Similar to January, December is not a good month to visit the island.

The christmas markets in Ibiza Town and San Antonio are quite festive  if you happen to be here.

What is the water temperature like in Ibiza? Best time to go to Ibiza?

At the end of May is when the sea gets to about 20º, which is a nice refreshing temperature.

It continues until November, so actually we can say that the sea is warmer in November than in April.

The warmest it gets is 25º, although by the beach the temperature can be higher if the water is shallow.

Rain is a tricky one, october it can rain a lot but it´s more like tropical in and out rain.

This year 2022, it barely rained in January-February and in march its rained for 3 weeks straight.

Temperature in ibiza

Where to stay in Ibiza? Best time to go to Ibiza?

After discovering when is the best time to go to Ibiza.

Surely this is one of the main questions you are asking yourself.

The most popular areas to stay on Ibiza are the city centre of Ibiza town, which is full of historical sites to visit.

Playa D’en Bossa Beach, where you can discover the best clubs of the island and enjoy many water sports.

Or San Antoni de Portmany, with cheaper accommodations and what is known as the West End (little Britan of the island).

Ibiza Town

The area of Ibiza Town is perfect if you are thinking of visiting the island, and its most beautiful coves and beaches during the day.

Talking about transport, you can use public buses, but it is better to rent a vehicle, car, or scooter, to be more independent and move easily.

The best area of Ibiza town, a place to stay away from the wild nightlife, but in an area full of bars and restaurants, is the centre of Ibiza, especially near the old town of Dalt Vila.

On an island renowned above all for its nightlife, such a fascinating historical centre is a great surprise, do not miss a walk through the alleys of the old city.




Playa d´en Bossa Beach

For those looking for the real Ibiza, with nightlife and discos, the right place to stay is Playa D’en Bossa Beach.

Located about 5 km from Ibiza, the best time to stay here is during the peak summer months.

Here, the sea is not as beautiful as some of the best beaches in Ibiza.

Since it is 2.7km long there are always parties at Dén Bossa because of all of the beach club venues spread out along the beach.

Here you can dance late into the night as the area is a succession of clubs, bars, and pubs.

Two of the superclub discos are located here, such as and Ushuaia.

To reach the other clubs such as Privilege and Amnesia, there are free buses leaving every half hour.

As you already know, you have the option to enjoy an unforgettable party with Float Your Boat.

Specialized in beach cruises and boat parties, where you can dance, taste the best cocktails and enjoy the great sunsets in Ibiza.


Sant Antoni de Portmany

San Antoni de Portmany is another area full of nightclubs and entertainment.

Where you can find Café Mambo and Cafe del Mar.

In these places you will enjoy some of the most beautiful sunsets around the island.

We must mention that these places are typical for young people.

Because of this the Sunset strip of San An may be too much for families or adults who are looking to relax.

Here there is constant loud noise and party vibes.

However, one of the main advantages of San Antonio are the prices, which are significantly lower than in D’en Bossa Beach.

We can also highlight the proximity to the most beautiful beaches, such as Cala Bassa, Cala Tarida, Cala Comte or Cala Salada, easily reached by bus, ferry or by one of our beach hopping cruises.



We hope you have enjoyed our post about the best time to go to Ibiza and the best areas to stay on the island.

Book your flights to Ibiza now and live the unique experiences this island has to offer you.

At Float Your Boat, we are not only a boat rental company, we also organize the best boat parties.

Contact us for more information and discover why Ibiza is the Party Island for you.

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