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23 mai 2022

Best sunset in Formentera: places you can’t miss

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In this article we will tell you all the secrets of this island located at the Mediterranean Sea, so when you finish reading it you can know, from the hand of experts, what is the best sunset in Formentera. Write down everything we are going to tell you, so you don’t miss anything on your next trip.


The island of Formentera

The island of Formentera is located within the Balearic archipelago, more specifically in the Mediterranean Sea. Both, Formentera and Ibiza, are called the Pitiusas Islands, since they are separated by about 3 km.

If we talk about the best sunset in Formentera, we have to say that Formentera is the smallest inhabited island of all, although its peculiar shape gives it an extension of almost 70 km. This makes it an island full of coves and beaches in each of its corners.

The only way to access the island and find the best sunset in Formentera, is by boat, more specifically using Ibiza as a connection, as between one island and another, the journey is only about 35 minutes. We could say that Ibiza is the gateway between Formentera and the rest of the world.

Formentera is a very easy island to travel around. We can visit much of its beautiful landscapes using the bicycle, as it has green routes that will serve as a guide while we know all the corners and secrets that keep this wonderful Mediterranean island.

We can also use motorized vehicles, since it has a small road network, whose main road is the well-known PM-820, which crosses Formentera from east to west.

The moment we set foot on the land of Formentera and breathe its pure air, we know for sure that we have just arrived in paradise, or at least in a place that is very similar to it.

Despite being an island with a large influx of tourists, it still retains its original personality and its rural aspect, especially in the areas less visited by tourists. So much so, that the characteristic buildings of the island are still in perfect condition.

On your trip, you will find not only the best sunset in Formentera, but also crystal clear turquoise waters surrounded by miles of fine white sand. Among its waters hides a seabed full of fauna and flora worthy of memory.

Now that you know a little better how is this piece of heaven located in the middle of the sea, we will tell you which is the best sunset in Formentera. We are sure you will enjoy every moment lived during the descent of the sun.

The best sunset

We can say, without fear of being wrong, that the sunset on the island is one of the most beautiful on the planet. Below, we will tell you which is the best sunset in Formentera, we assure you that you will not be left indifferent:

Sunset at the Cap de Barbaria

One of the most famous sunsets of Formentera, where we can find an impressive lighthouse that rises around 80 meters high. Perhaps, it is familiar to you if you have had the opportunity to see the movie “Lucia and sex”, starring the well-known actress Paz Vega.

The Cap de Barbaria, and perhaps the best sunset in Formentera, is located at the west of the island, so if you want to get there you must take the road PMV 820-1 and stay until the end of it. Our advice is to arrive as early as possible, as the parking lot does not have a large capacity and is usually filled quickly.

You should also keep in mind that, from the parking lot to the lighthouse, you have to walk for about 20 minutes. So calculate well the total time it takes to get there to not miss a single second of this magical sunset.

We recommend you to go as early as possible, ideally early in the morning, as many tourists know that it is the best sunset in Formentera and one of the main attractions of the island.

Sunset at Cala Saona


The sunset at Cala Saona is also one of the most famous of Formentera. Ideally, you should organize an excursion to spend most of the day there, as it not only has a dream sunset, but you can also enjoy one of the best beaches in Formentera.

Wait for the sunset quietly while you dive into its turquoise waters and enjoy a stroll along its fine sandy shores.

We advise you to go to one of the many beautiful beach bars that are adjacent to the beach, so you can contemplate quietly and with a drink in hand the best sunset in Formentera.

Cala Saona is located in a privileged place to watch the sunset, since it is located in a very high point, where the general view of the island will make you feel that you are living on another planet.

To reach this beautiful location, you will have to take the detour with the same name from the road PMV-820-1, which is marked with a painted on each rock that you will find on the way.

Sunset in the viewpoint of La Mola

From this viewpoint, you can enjoy not only a sunset that will fill your eyes with tears, but also the views offered by this terrace. From this special place you will be able to see two thirds of the island, including the coasts of the aforementioned Ibiza and the port of La Savina.

In addition, if you decide that this is the place chosen to contemplate the best sunset in Formentera, you will find a horizon painted by light, orange and pink. An experience you will never forget.

We hope that after reading this article about the best sunset in Formentera, you will pack your bags immediately and set off on the adventure of discovering this little piece of paradise, which once a day is bathed in the golden light of the sun.

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