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10 août 2020
Ibiza in October

Ibiza in October: Weather, events, and more

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Ibiza is one of the most beautiful islands you can visit in your life. Hooray for you that you have selected Ibiza in October as a tourist destination. Its purity, beauty, and climate will captivate you forever.

Its incredible sunrises and sunsets will change your mood making you forget any worry and stress as soon as you arrive on the Island. Spending quality time with the ideal person, with spectacular landscapes and the sea breeze is worth it at any time of the year.

October is one of the best months of the year to visit the white island that although it never sleeps, this month is much more relaxed and quieter since it is the end of summer.

During this month you will enjoy about 16 degrees at night and about 23 degrees during the day. Ibiza in October is the calm and relaxed Ibiza that combines perfectly with its relaxed beaches.


The beauty of Ibiza in October

If you decide to lay on the sand of Ibiza in October to receive the energizing light of the Ibizan sun, you should also decide to go for a walk in the hills or participate in local excursions, do not forget good sports shoes, you will appreciate it.

Also, in the evenings, after having dinner and drinking your favorite wine, we recommend you walk under the beautiful moonlight, and go dancing in the faithful nightclubs that decided to remain open for tourists who are still arriving at the end of summer, like you.

Among the many advantages of vacationing in Ibiza in October, we can tell you that you can really choose the car that you rent to ride at a better price, and you will easily get where to park it on the beach.

Likewise, the prices during this season in the different hotels will be much better because it is the low season, which is perfect not only because of the saving factor on vacation but also because you will enjoy the island without the hustle and bustle of summer.

On the other hand, Ibiza in October will be practically at your disposal, you can go to the restaurant that you like without reservation problems or having to wait for a table in that place to vacate.

You can have not only the table you want but also the best places, rooms, and prices. In addition, you will be able to walk and appreciate the objects and souvenirs that artisans sell in artisan markets throughout the island more calmly. You will really enjoy it.

Events in Ibiza in October

Although Ibiza in October is super relaxed and calm, there are some festivities that you could enjoy a lot, depending on the days of your visit.

Among them, we suggest the patron saint festivities of San Rafael de Sa Creu, the beautiful and busy town located in the center of Ibiza, famous for its many discos and clubs, and declared a site of craft interest for its beautiful clay works. Once there, request to participate in the craft workshops that are offered regularly.


The whole month of October is a festival in San Rafael, its organizing committee strives to plan for each type of activities and events in honor of its patron, but if you get to be on the island on the 24th, you will witness one of the most important patron saint festivals in the town, with shows, concerts, children’s games, religious and cultural events. So, this holiday is a good reason to visit Ibiza in October.

For the rest, Ibiza in October also offers you the celebration of October 12: Hispanic Day, although what is really celebrated on the National Day of Spain, so all the towns are on holiday.

October 12 has the peculiarity of being celebrated in many countries since this day is considered as the Day of Respect for Cultural Diversity, which is something that represents Ibiza with so many tourists from different parts of the world coming to know of its natural and cultural wealth.

World Heritage Site

So, on your vacation in Ibiza in October, besides enjoying the beautiful beaches, Mediterranean waters and rich cuisine, do not forget to visit its museums and historical sites.

Ibiza is part of the World Heritage Site precisely for combining its natural and cultural assets, which are: Necropolis de Puig des Molins; the Phoenician Village of Sa Caleta; Dalt Vila, its walled city, and for the Posidonia Oceanica, thanks to this aquatic plant, endemic to the Mediterranean Sea, the beaches of Ibiza have that whiteness and transparency.

This amazing aquatic plant, which many mistakenly mistake for algae, is a superior plant that with its stems, leaves, roots, flowers, and fruits serves as great filters that help considerably to keep the seawater clean and transparent.

Although it also works as a bio-indicator of the quality of the water of the Mediterranean Sea, since paradoxically it is very sensitive to contamination. Scientists have shown that this plant is the longest living being on the planet, with about 100,000 years of life.

Our green suggestion is, that once you are in Ibiza in October, do not miss the incredible opportunity to dive in its crystalline waters in honor of the Posidonia Aquatica and its work in the sea.

There are many options to choose your diving school in Ibiza, all of them offer you the help of an expert guide who will make your diving a unique memory. Most of Ibiza’s beaches have the blue flag, which represents ecological quality and safety. 


Party at the Sea

And of course, one of the best things you can do in Ibiza in October is to enjoy the super boat parties that Float Your Boat, offers you several times a week in his fully equipped boats with the best DJs of the moment.

Come and enjoy the spectacular Ibizan sunsets onboard these boats listening to vibrant music while you taste your favorite drink. You cannot lose this.

You cannot miss it! Come to visit Ibiza in October, we are waiting for you.

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