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11 mars 2020
ibiza spring break

The best plans in Ibiza for a Spring Break

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Having the opportunity to come to Ibiza for a spring break? Wonderful! Spring is the most beautiful season of the year for you to go to incredible places. It is a season full of marvellous chances to admire nature and to spend some time with your friends while having a great quality time at a beautiful Island. Your Ibiza spring break will be on your memory as one of the best experiences you ever had.

In Float Your Boat we want to help you to make the best out of your trip, so do not miss a thing about this post! We have the best experiences in store for you.

You are taking the Ibiza spring break you have always dreamt about. The time has finally arrived when you are indeed stepping on the incredible island. Perfect weather and great views. Congratulations! You are living it. Embrace it.

In this post you will find out all the best plans to make the most out of your spring break in Ibiza.


What kind of break are you looking for?

A break from boredom? A break from work overload? A break from not having enough time to enjoy family and friends? A break from routine? Take the perfect break!

It does not matter what you are running away from. Leave it all behind and relax in the most beautiful beaches and coves of the archipelago. Enjoy the calming waters! Breathe purity and beauty, and admire the astonishing sunsets and sunrises you could ever watch.

Want to reconnect to what really matters to you? The only thing you have to do is to enjoy this special spring break on the heavenly white island of the Mediterranean Sea.


Why should you come to Ibiza during spring break?

Ibiza Spring break is a magical time to connect with the most important person in your life: You. Breathing new fresh air, purifying your lungs and spirit is the perfect way to go back to your senses. Whatever your reason to come to the island is, it has been covered for you.

Take the most out of Ibiza’s nature

Spring is the most significant time of the year due to the rebirth of the land and nature. Flowers of all colours bloom everywhere perfuming the air you breathe. Days grow longer and the temperature gives you more time to enjoy a perfect break, which is quite important as a matter of fact. Spring Up in your Ibiza spring break.

The best weather and climate conditions

Crystal clear waters and sunny days are two of the main features you look for in your Ibiza spring break, and you can have them both! Take the island’s unbeatable beauties as your personal source of power to fill yourself with the right energy.

Things you can do during your stay in Ibiza in spring break

Do you need some ideas to organise your next holiday? Then here you have some of our best bets for making your trip unforgettable.

Enjoy Ibiza’s Nightlife

Ibiza is well known for its lively nightlife and wonderful unique landscapes, beaches, and biodiversity as well as its culture, friendly people and delicious food. Ibiza is a World Heritage site declared by UNESCO.

During your spring break in Ibiza, besides enjoying the different places like hippy markets, sports events, parties, clubs, restaurants, cafes, beaches, and coves. You can also go to our incredible party boats while admiring Ibiza’s unforgettable sunsets.

Yes, things get definitely better at your Ibiza spring break when you get to go to the Beach Cruise on a Tuesday, Thursday or Saturday at 3:00 pm after sunset or on a Friday and Sunday from 12:00 till 5:00 pm. Get a glimpse of the most beautiful beaches and coves from the fully equipped party boats for some hours.

All you have to do is make sure you are at Captain Nemo Kiosk in San Antonio harbour to exchange your ticket voucher for a wristband at 14:30 for a sunset cruise and at 11:30 for a daytime one. The cruise is never crowded so you will have a precious afternoon. Remember, fruits and snacks are included.


Discover their cultural heritage and hidden towns

Fun in the sun is what you as a tourist will be doing during your Ibiza spring break. Getting to know Ibiza’s culture, their people, traditions, and towns is something you must also do. So, get ready for an adventure with perfect settings.

Its pretty towns and villages are worth the visit as well as its churches and small restaurants and cafes. Tasting their typical dishes and their own wines at their restaurants in the seashore are two of the things you don’t want to miss.

Ibiza’s great events such as opening parties, festivals, concerts, parades, and exhibitions are everywhere along the lively island. There is no way you can get bored during your spring break. Swimming, snorkelling, diving, and dancing become an experience like never lived before because of the uniqueness of the white island.

Be a witness of Ibiza’s uniqueness

It does not matter if this is your first or fifth spring break in Ibiza. It is always incredible and marvellous. Its breath-taking beauty is always a new experience to your sight and other senses.

Every time you go to the Mediterranean sea Island you will always find amazing interesting things to do. Every landscape seen will be a new one to discover again. New sensations and feelings will come to your mind. Your senses will be once again mesmerized by the impressive beauty of Ibiza.

Find Ibiza’s most emblematic beaches

If you are planning your holiday to Ibiza during spring break, you love the sand and the sea for sure. In Ibiza you will find the most beautiful and breathtaking beaches. Lay under the sun and bathe in their crystal clear waters while you let yourself go for a minute.

The best beaches are San Antonio, Santa Eulalia, Talamanca and maybe you could take an express trip to the Island of Es Vedrà, a natural park with the most incredible views of Ibiza from the sea.


Visiting Ibiza is always a great thing to do, and visiting for a spring break is absolutely a wonderful idea. Enjoy your break as if you were living the last one of your marvellous life.

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