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18 mars 2022

The 15 best sunset bar Ibiza – 2022

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Welcome! In this article we will give you an in depth view into the 15 best sunset bar in Ibiza.

It’s no secret that Ibiza is one of the best places in the world to watch the sunset.

That’s why many cafes, bars and restaurants offer a privileged view of the Mediterranean Sea.

Because the sunsets on the white isle are absolutely breathtaking!

All of our top 15 are unique bars/restaurants from various locations around the island.

Many of these cafes and bars are located around the San Antonio Bay area.

There are some from the west coast of the island, and even one from the pristine northern coastline.

These specific areas have the best views of the sunset during the summer months.

During the long summer days in June and July the sky turns into a rainbow of colours as late as 9:30pm (21:30).

The clear waters of the sea reflect the shining light of the sun all day long, up until a few minutes before sunset.

You do not want to miss one of the best experiences in Ibiza, read on!


Café Mambo, San Antonio Bay

Café Mambo is one of the most popular places to watch the sunset in San Antonio, and around the whole island of Ibiza.

This iconic bar is located on the famous sunset strip on the west coast of Ibiza.

This is where you can see what is commonly known as Ibiza’s best sunset.

Located on the Sunset Strip of San Antonio, Café Mambo has been surprising locals and tourists for 25 years.

Here you can enjoy a good mojito while watching the sunset.

If you wish to stay for dinner we recommend you reserve a table in advance, because it is a very crowded place.

It is a perfect end to a day at the beach, and a energetic start to the party vibes of the evening.

Typically famous DJ´s are playing here during the sunset.

Getting you ready for your night out at Ibiza’s most famous clubs.

sunset bar ibiza cafe mambo

Restaurante El Carmen, Cala D´Hort

Restaurante El Carmen is known for its iconic views of Es Vedra (pictured below) from its terrace, and its wonderfully tasty paella/seafood dishes.

This beach bar is a perfect place to come watch the sunset and have dinner.

Definitely make a reservation at least a few days ahead of time because during the peak summer months they are always fully booked.

Located just above the beach at Cala D´Hort, El Carmen is a fairly simple restaurant with wooden tables and chairs filling their terrace.

Once you are seated you will realize that this restaurant is not known for its decor or furniture, but for its incredibly epic views and amazing food.

Café del Mar, San Antonio Bay

Without leaving San Antonio Bay, we move a few meters down the sunset strip to Café del Mar.

It is the most historic sunset bar in Ibiza, Cafe del Mar opened its doors in 1980.

It became famous thanks to its chilled house compilation CDs which went on sale in 1994, featuring the music of Café del Mar´s sunset sessions.

Café del Mar is the longest running sunset bar on the island of Ibiza.

With its 42 years of history, it gradually became famous in the 80´s and 90´s.

Since then it has become an obligatory destination for tourists and locals alike.

If you want to enjoy a cocktail with chill-out music in the background while enjoying a spectacular sunset, Café del Mar is the place for you.

Sunset Ashram, Cala Conta

This restaurant is located at Cala Conta beach (also known as Platges de Comte on the western tip of the island).

It is one of the most famous and crowded beaches on Ibiza.

Thanks to its crystal clear waters and spectacular scenery. 

Sunset Ashram has a privileged position in Cala Conta with its terrace overlooking the beach.

You can enjoy a vibrant sunset after having sunbathed on one of the best beaches in Ibiza.

Enjoy their vast menu of unique Mediterranean food, Indian food and even some of the best sushi on the island.

While listening to their resident DJs playing during the hours leading up to sunset every day.

Again because of its popularity make sure to book a table well in advance.

Otherwise you will miss out on this epic Ibiza sunset experience.

Hostal La Torre Sunset Bar, San Antonio Bay

Hostal La Torre is a unique venue for the sunset as it is still is running as a hostal.

It is well known for its restaurant and the sea views from its terrrace.

Located just beyond Cala Gracio heading up the west coast.

Hostal La Torre is always busy during the sunset hours.

If you want to only go for a sunset drink you can usually arrive here without reservation.

Hostal La Torre has created a path with many smaller tables, benches and chairs on the rocks below their terrace for overflow customers.

All of their extra seating has the same breathtaking sea views, and are usually more of a private way to enjoy the sunset.

The restaurant´s terrace is always extremely full and sometimes quite loud.

If you do want to eat dinner there you will definitely need to call well in advance for a reservation.

Beware, the quality of the food does not match up to their overly expensive prices!

sunset bar ibiza la torre

Cotton Beach Club Sunset Bar, Cala Tarida

Upon the cliffs of Cala Tarida, Cotton Beach is a fantastic place to enjoy a drink or meal for the sunset.

Located on the west coast of Ibiza, Cala Tarida is one of the larger beaches on this coastline.

From Cotton Beach you have spectacular sunset view and of the whole Cala Tarida area.

Known for its private parties and weddings, Cotton Beach has an excellent menu of Mediterranean cuisine.

Its friendly staff accompanies the outstanding views from their restaurant and terrace.

To access Cotton Beach you can walk up the long flight of stairs from the Cala Tarida Beach itself.

If you are driving you will need to come from the small area of Cala Tarida north.

Cala Escondida, Cala Compte

This small Chiringuito as they call it in spanish is a nice little bar in a nudist beach in Cala Comte.

It´s right at the end of the beach in a little hidden cave.

As it´s facing the west it is a perfect place to see the sunset.

sunset bar ibiza cala escondia

Kumharas Sunset Bar Ibiza, San Antonio Bay

We return to San Antonio and visit Kumharas Ibiza in Cala de Bou.

At Kumharas you will be able to enjoy food , great music, with uniquely exquisit Asian touches, while watching a breathtaking sunset.

In addition the restaurant has a market where you can buy clothes or jewelry while you wait for yor meal.

Here you can relax in one of the hammocks or in the chill-out area while you try a daikiri or any other Kumharas cocktail specials.

Kumharas usually offers live performances by local and international DJs during the sunset hours.

El Chiringuito, Cala Gracioneta

Overlooking a little cove just on the outskirts of San Antonio.

El Chiringuito at Cala Gracioneta has some excellent multi level dining spaces.

Down on the cute and compact beach they have created large four post beds which you can enjoy your meal from if preferred.

The menu is mostly Spanish and Mediterranean cuisine that shouts freshness and originality.

El Chiringuito is a great location to enjoy the afternoon hours of the day with a cold drink.

There is plenty of shade from the trees around the restaurant.

You will be able to see the sunset from the beach here during the spring months of the year.

During the summer months you will need to walk out onto the rocks on the left side of the beach to be able to see the sun setting directly into the sea.

Cala Gracioneta is one of the smallest cove beaches which offers a restaurant on the island.

There is very limited parking at El Chiringuito, so you may have to park on the street.

Golden Buddha, San Antonio Bay

Golden Buddha is a sunset bar Ibiza situated on the beach of Caló des Moro, right on the promenade.

Relax on any of its comfortable sofas while tasting food with exotic touches (from Mexican food to Indian food).

In this sunset bar ibiza, the cava sangrias are famous and are lovingly prepared for all customers who decide to try them.

Don’t forget to have your picture taken with the statue of Buddha on the terrace, but above all, enjoy a magnificent sunset!

Elements Ibiza, Benirrás

We can’t talk about the best sunset bar Ibiza and forget about Cala Benirrás.

Every Sunday during the summer months, people come from all over the island to witness local drum circles during the sunset hours.

These drum circles have been a tradition at Cala Benirras for many years.

They create such a vibe that the sunsets here are known as being some of the most spectacular around the island.

For that reason they are held on multiple nights per week.

Definitely a must see if you are into more of a chilled, natural vibe.

Elements Ibiza is a beach restaurant located to the right side of the cove of Benirrás.

It offers a large variety of Mediterranean and Spanish food.

Elements Ibiza is also known for its sunset pre-parties, before going to the most famous clubs on Ibiza.

ibiza 2954991_1920

Experimental Beach, Cap des Falco

Located in the southern salt flats of Ibiza, Experimental Beach is a one of a kind experience.

Once you are on the road to Salinas, there will be a sign on the right hand side for Experimental Beach.

Come off the road onto a dirt track which winds along the salt flats.

Passing by various species of birds and wild flamigos (which live year round in these salt flats).

At the end of the dirt track you will arrive at this extremely secluded gem of a restaurant.

Lined with beach beds if you fancy having lunch while sunbathing.

Experimental beach is popular amongst the locals for its sunset DJ sets.

This sunset bar ibiza features stunning views of not only the sea, but the southwest coastline of the island.

The food here is delicious, but expensive, just like many of our favorite restaurants around the island.

There are trails from the restaurant that go up into the area of Cap Des Falco (5 peaks hike).

You can also walk down to the round stone beach of Es Codolar.

sunset bar ibiza experimental beach

Alma Sunset Bar, Port des Torrent

Alma Sunset is one of three Alma restaurants at the beach of Port des Torrent.

Specifically geared toward the sunset vibes on the west coast of the island.

Alma Sunset has a menu created with fresh local products and boasts a elaborate drink and cocktail list.

This beach bar with great atmosphere is located only 10 minutes from San Antonio Bay.

It is a nice place to visit if you are staying in the area of Port des Torrent or Cala de Bou.

Mint Lounge Sunset Bar, San Antonio Bay

Mint Lounge Bar is one of the novelties of the San Antonio Sunset Strip.

It made a triumphant debut in the lists of the best sunset bars in Ibiza when it opened its doors.

Located at the far end of the promenade, at Mint you can dine and have a drink in a modern atmosphere.

At Mint Lounge you can enjoy one of the best sunsets in Ibiza at an affordable price.

We already know that prices in Ibiza are a little high, therefore Mint offers a menu of the day.

Maya Beach Sunset bar, Cala Vadella

Maya Beach offers a relaxed taste of the summer party scene that Ibiza is famous for.

Perched next to the cliffs on one side of Cala Vadella, its terrace has magnificent views of the beach.

The restaurant at Maya Beach pairs its fresh local Mediterranean dishes with Spanish wines, and also offers Italian cuisine and even a sushi bar.

If you are lucky you will be able to enjoy the sunset during the short time of year when the sun sets directly into the sea.

Cala Vadella has quite a narrow entrance to its cove, which blocks your view of the full sunset for most of the year.

sunset bar ibiza maya beach

Savannah Sunset Bar, San Antonio Bay

If you’re willing to dance late into the night after enjoying an incredible sunset and a quiet dinner, Savannah is for you.

With more than 20 years of experience, this sunset bar Ibiza which has a small backroom disco, which never ceases to amaze all customers who have come to visit.

Savannah offers the same beautiful views of the bay as Cafe Mambo and Cafe del Mar, however it is located at the end of the San Antonio Sunset Strip.

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