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11 March 2020

The 8 best sunset bars in Ibiza

Welcome to another article in our blog! This time, we will explore the best sunset bars in Ibiza. It’s no secret that Ibiza is one of the best places in the world to watch the sunset. That’s why many, many cafés, bars and restaurants offer a privileged view of the Mediterranean Sea – sunsets here are astonishing.

Many of these cafés and bars are located around the San Antonio area, in the northern part of Ibiza, because there’s where we can get the best view of the sunset during summer. The sky turns red and the clear waters of the sea reflect the shining light of the sun. If you don’t want to miss one of the best experiences in Ibiza, read on!

Café Mambo, the best sunset bar in Ibiza

Café Mambo is one of the classic places of San Antonio and the whole island of Ibiza. This is where you can see what is commonly accepted as Ibiza’s best sunset. Located on the Sunset Strip of San Antonio, Café Mambo has been surprising locals and tourists for 25 years.

Here you can enjoy a good mojito while watching the sunset, and then stay for dinner (we recommend you reserve a table, because it is a very crowded place). The perfect end to a day at the beach, and a moment of relaxation before going out to party at Ibiza’s most famous clubs.


Café del Mar, a classic sunset bar in Ibiza

Without leaving San Antonio town, we move a few meters further to the Café del Mar, another of the best-known names in Ibiza. This sunset bar in Ibiza became famous thanks to the compilation albums that have been on sale since 1994 with the music of Café del Mar.

The Café del Mar opened its doors almost 40 years ago in the bay of Caló des Moro, and since then it has been an obligatory stop if you want to enjoy a cocktail with chill-out music in the background while enjoying a spectacular sunset.

Sunset Ashram, in Cala Conta

Now we leave San Antonio and head southwest. Cala Conta (or Platges de Comte) is one of the most famous and crowded beaches on Ibiza, thanks to its crystal clear waters and spectacular scenery. Here is Sunset Ashram, a sunset bar in Ibiza that will leave you astounded.

This bar has a privileged position in Cala Conta, from whose terrace you can enjoy a great sunset after having sunbathed on one of the best beaches in Ibiza. You can also taste Mediterranean food, Indian food and the best sushi on the island here at Sunset Ashram.

Kumharas Ibiza

We return to San Antonio and visit Kumharas Ibiza, in Cala de Bou. In Kumharas you will be able to enjoy food with Asian touches of a very high level – here the sunset is an experience for the five senses. In addition, the restaurant also has a market where you can buy clothes or jewelry.

This is not an ordinary restaurant: here you can relax in one of the haimas or in the chill-out area while you try a daikiri or any other typical Kumharas cocktail. In addition, as is normal in Ibiza, Kumharas has live performances by local and international DJs.

Golden Buddha

Golden Buddha is also situated on the beach of Caló des Moro, right on the promenade. Relax on any of its comfortable sofas while tasting food with exotic touches (from Mexican food to Indian food).

In this Ibiza sunset bar, the cava sangrias are famous and are lovingly prepared for all customers who decide to try them. Don’t forget to have your picture taken with the statue of Buddha on the terrace, but above all, enjoy a magnificent sunset!



If you’re willing to dance late into the night after enjoying an incredible sunset and a quiet dinner, Savannah is for you. With more than 20 years of experience, this sunset bar in Ibiza never ceases to amaze all the customers who have visited Savannah.

Located at the end of the San Antonio Sunset Strip, Savannah offers cocktails surrounded by famous people at any time of the year. However, don’t panic: the prices are just like anywhere else on Ibiza.

Elements Ibiza, the hippie alternative

We can’t talk about the best sunsets in Ibiza and forget Cala Benirrás, where every Sunday in summer people from all over the island come together with drums to set one of the most exciting sunsets in Ibiza with music.

Elements Ibiza is a beach bar located in this cove, where pre-parties are held before going to the most famous clubs on Ibiza, such as Pachá.

Mint Lounge Bar, a sunset bar in San Antonio, Ibiza

Mint Lounge Bar is one of the novelties of the San Antonio Sunset Strip, and has made a triumphant debut in the lists of the best sunset bars in Ibiza. Located at the far end of the promenade, in Mint you can dine and have a drink in a modern atmosphere.

One of the advantages of Mint is that it has a menu of the day, so you can enjoy one of the best sunsets in Ibiza at an affordable price (we already know that prices in Ibiza are a little high).

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Enjoy the best Ibiza sunsets with Float Your Boat

We hope you enjoyed our special selection of the best sunset bars in Ibiza. There are a lot of places where you can spend a great time watching one of the best sunsets in the world. For example, how about watching the sunset from a boat?

With Float Your Boat it’s possible! After sailing for 5 hours along Ibiza’s coast and visiting Ibiza’s best beaches, our sunset cruise ends at Café Mambo, the best sunset bar in Ibiza.

Do you want to live this experience? Book a cruise with Float Your Boat and enjoy Ibiza! We’re waiting for you!

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