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11 March 2020

Ibiza in Winter: 6 Best Things to Do

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It does not matter when you go to Ibiza, but if you are going this winter, you are going to enjoy the most peaceful season of this marvellous island. So, seize Ibiza in winter!

Although the winter season can get as cold as in other parts of the world, especially in January, you can still love the beautiful beaches and be amazed by the wonders of this island. Winter in Ibiza lasts from November to April with an average daytime temperature of 15°C but once the sun is up it could be 25°C.

Winter in Ibiza is technically the wet season, but precipitation is not a problem since it is relatively minimal even in its wettest month which is October. If they are expecting rain, it is usually over quickly because it is a windy island so rainy clouds are taken away by the wind.

Swimming in January, the coldest month can be a little challenging since the water can get quite chilly, but still, you can have a pleasant day on the beach.

There are lots of great things you can do and watch in Ibiza in winter. Its white-sand beaches and tranquil streets will provide you a delightful time.


Walking around its prettiest charming towns


You can walk around Ibiza in winter. Walking around its beautiful towns without worrying about the heat or the crowds is really nice, just bring some snacks, sunscreen lotion, a good bottle of water, sunglasses and walk your stress out in this wonderful piece of land.

This season’s main feature is the fewer amount of tourists on the island so you can have these great places of beauty for you alone, you will not have to share it with many other tourists. Breathe in the smell of lavender and lemon trees in Ibiza’s streets.

So this winter in Ibiza take your time to eat some of Es Cubells’ typical menus like their traditional stew or Paellas for great prices at its restaurants. Or Perhaps you would like to drink some wine in Sant Mateo wine fair and warm yourself up in Ibiza in winter. Walking barefoot through Ibiza beaches can definitely be a very relaxing way of knowing the island.

Almond trees In January-February

It is believed that winter is lifeless, that it is only about snow and cold. But there are many trees that flower in winter months. Ibiza in winter is not an exception for this truth. This is the time when the almond trees blossom on the island because its flowers do not stand up to heat, and it is such a spectacular view that you will end up framing the pictures you get to take there.

Almond tree flowers are really beautiful. They have white to pink petals that join in together a magenta center. People used to say that this flower symbolizes a virgin’s purity and delicacy. Its honey-like smell can be perceived from meters away. Especially in Santa Ines town, you can witness this Mother’s Nature performance. Almond trees white and pink flowers covering the streets like blankets in which you will desire to lay down for a while.

Puig de Missa Church in Santa Eularia des Riu

This impressive and interesting white church with its four chapels dated from 16th Century. Santa Eularia’s feast is celebrated on February 12th with live music, traditional folk dancing, and special events.

Santa Eularia was a 13-year-old Roman Christian virgin who was murdered by persecutors of Christians during the reign of the emperor Diocletian. She received 13 tortures, one per each of her years of life.

Visiting Puig de missa Church in Santa Eularia des Riu in Ibiza in winter is an outdoor activity that will help you to know a little more about Ibiza’s World’s Heritage. Santa Eularia des Riu is considered to be the quietest town in Ibiza despite the fact that there are more than twenty beaches in this environmentally committed caretaker municipality.

Car Boot sale in Sant Jordi


Ibiza in winter can be as interesting and fun as it is in summer, there are different and entertaining things that you can do. Going to a car boot sale in Sant Jordi town can be a fun one. Sant Jordi Hippodrome becomes a flea market or a car boot sale, as you prefer to call it.

There you can have fun looking at people’s shopping habits at any Saturday you are in Ibiza. It is a very popular activity among tourists to go to this hippy flea market with good vibes and drummers. It is usually from 9:00 a.m till 3:00 pm. Sure you can find some nice souvenirs there as well as some delicious snacks.

Seaside Lunch and Sunset Dinner, the perfect idea

One of the most romantic things you can do to surprise your couple while vacationing in Ibiza is to have both a delicious seaside lunch in the incredible paradisiac beaches every day during your winter vacation in Ibiza and a candle-lit sunset dinner with great wine.

Just pick up a spot on the beach of your preference and enjoy the magic of the Mediterranean Sea. Or maybe you rather have a picnic at any time of the day with the sea relaxing sounds as background.

At night you may even have the pleasure to join some other people in a bonfire. A full moon can be your accomplice in this night out. So, what else do you need than a moonlit seashore walk after dinner? Once again, Seize Ibiza in winter!

Coffee and winter, always the best option

The icing on the cake of this winter vacation in Ibiza for you is to have a coffee with your travel partner, lover, friends or whoever you are spending this marvellous trip with. There are as many places to choose from as coffee types are, so when you crave for that unique special delicious coffee do not worry about which one you want, just try all of them or the one you have never heard of and ask for some of the traditional desserts like a Flaó or some Orelletes to have a rich snack time. So enjoy your coffee in Ibiza in winter.

A party cruise over the beach of Ibiza

Enjoy your stay at Ibiza at best booking a beach cruise around the different beaches of the isle. Find out new places to discover while you enjoy your sangria and listen to some good music.

Is there a best way to spend your time in Ibiza in winter than in its beautiful and blue waters? In Float Your Boat we make it easier for you. Check all our cruises and book a trip with us!

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