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23 novembre 2020

Ibiza in January. Events, weather and more

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Ibiza is a beautiful island with maritime economics and with a very active rural and urban life. During the last decades its main activity is not any more the port activities but also the nightlife one. Ibiza is visited thousand of times as a result of its incredible and modern clubs which have become the island an icon of parties and entertainment among the young ones.

Visiting Ibiza in January and getting to know about its cultural legacy on the world is an amazing thing to do, but what tourists really want to do when visiting is to get lost in the beautiful beaches and to dance all night long in the many and very assorted night clubs.


Tavel to Ibiza in January!

If you are going to Ibiza in January after your Christmas holidays to get a new different beginning of the year, You will have incredibly sunny days under a temperature of 15 to 18 degrees Celsius, being the minimum 7°. Even though January can be one of the coldest months in Ibiza to swim a little, there is no doubt you are having a wonderful start because it is always sunny and cool in the afternoons.

Winter in Ibiza begins in December and finishes on March 20th. So, visiting Ibiza in January is a whole different experience in comparison to the high season, since you can go places without the whirling and craziness of summer, which main characteristic is crowded beaches and places. The main advantage of visiting the white island this month is that public beaches full of tourists become a private one for you. And it is way less expensive so book in advance.

Visiting Ibiza can be an overpriced experience taking into account they have to make most of their profits during high season  but we got to let you know that visiting Ibiza in January, be sure of it, it is a sound as a dollar. Beautiful, secluded beaches, sunny clear days, well-kept sidewalks, delicious typical food served at your table, and for free the most beautiful sunsets and sunrises of the world at your hand.

What to do and see in Ibiza in January

Ibiza in January

Tourists still go to the island and many events occur among the local people whose lives keep happening all year long.  Ibiza in January as many other countries has the celebration of the arrival of the three wise men, Los Tres Reyes Magos, usually held on the eve of the 5th day with parades, horse rides and very decorated boats. Everybody is full of joy and children get presents that their parents have previously deposited at the main building of the town a couple of hours before.

During these first weeks of the year you will have the opportunity to eat delicious sweets such as turron (Almond sweet) Mazapan (really soft cookies made of almonds) polvorones, which will crumble in your mouth, among other typical sweets eaten in this season.

Many activities are held every weekend in ibiza in January. Activities that you can join in restaurants and art galleries, with options that involve things that go from food to exhibitions, music and drinks, and much more.

Join the Flower Power

Ibiza in January

On the 11th at the 21 hours, there is the celebration of a wonderful and happy party. Some people think it is a prelude to Carnival, but it is not. Flower Power is the most iconic event in San Antonio town where the 60’s and 70’s come alive again. A party of pure vibes and great music.  The participants   have a great time eating at the many food stalls that are all over the streets. Many people decide to be barefoot, but many others wear platform shoes and put on colourful clothes.  Everywhere on the 11 of January in Ibiza will be filled with flowers and a good vibe. Just come and enjoy.

Because of the cold nights in January in Ibiza you can have the chance to be part of the bonfires that take place along the coastline. Bonfires where people gather to have a drink and chat and get some sparks not only from the fire but also from a romantic atmosphere that make your night under the moonlight an unforgettable one. Bring a nice sweater or Jacket. You can get cold even though you are near an expended fire.

While having fun in all these incredible activities there is something to keep in mind: do not forget to have a plastic free attitude and a non-contaminating behaviour and, of course remember to keep social distance and protect yourself at all times. Your life and ours is in our hands. The whole world is still fighting this pandemic. Let’s be responsible.

Boredom in Ibiza does not occur. There are activities for all ages and likes. There is an activity that takes place three times a week not only in your January in Ibiza but all year long. It is a boat party where you can assist and have a wonderful time on the Mediterranean Seas on board a fully equipped boat. These parties of 3 or 5 hours, you can choose from, will let you know how cool it is to dance at the rhythm of the sea.

Likewise, partying on these boats comes along with a great offer of drinks and food and with the opportunity to watch the breathtaking sunsets of the white island. Perhaps because of the cool positive energy you are getting from the boat party with Float Your Boat, you will dare to take a dive or swim at the beach stop they usually make.

Every day of your holiday  in January in Ibiza you can go to San Antonio Port and buy your ticket to get on one of these boats  and have an unforgettable time ,or you can contact us now to book online. For more than 20 years people and tourists have trusted us as the company that makes their experience on boats the best ones.  You can choose from boat parties, cruises, and boat hires.

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